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We’ll Come to You

  • We provide in home services where parent training is embedded in every meeting. Using a “train the trainer” approach, we provide parents/caregivers/staff with training on assessment and interventions for you to carry out with the learners.
  • We empower mediators to meet the behavioural needs of the learners. Mediators are the parents, caregivers, teachers, staff who best know the individual. Following a “train the trainer” method, you are the ones who can help increase positive behaviours, quality of life and ensure it lasts over time. We inspire mediators to feel confident in conducting assessment and treatment so that treatment can be successful when Boost is no longer involved. You learn the skills to decrease behaviours and teach positive skills.
  • Unlike clinics, we come to you! We come to conduct assessments and treatments in the natural environment of the individual.  This allows us to see the real behaviours in their environment and it’s more convenient for parents, teachers, and staff.
  • We will train you to collect the information by providing information from tip sheets, videos, modelling, role play and provide feedback. This empowers you to become confident in using Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) in your daily routines without us present.
  • Danielle Pessah has developed skills through years of clinical experiences and her well-rounded education, including a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Wilfred Laurier University, a Masters of Arts in Applied Disability Studies from Brock University and ongoing continuing training in Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
  • Danielle Pessah is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst with extensive consulting experience. Her Masters degree thesis is on methods to improve parent training and facilitate successful interventions.
  • We teach/train and collaborate with parents, teachers, caregivers, physicians, Educational Assistants, Speech Language Pathologists (SLP), Occupational Therapists (OT) and hospital staff on the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for our clients.
  • We are easy to reach. If you have any concerns or questions just give us a call and we can speak.